Training of our employees

Our company always keeps up with the times, taking into account modern requirements for food producers. And senior management always encourages its employees and makes sure that professionalism is always at the highest level. Therefore, in August 2020, an international auditor of the European Center for Food Quality and Hygiene Management “LILIA” was invited to improve the skills of our employees, who trained our specialists in the following program:
1. Internal audits, requirements and features of implementation in accordance with the recommendations of ISO 19011: 2018. Internal audits as a tool of leadership, a tool of continuous improvement. Audit psychology. Organization of internal audits at the enterprise. Requirements for auditors, competence and evaluation of auditors. Collection and processing of information. Survey technique.
2. Personal hygiene of staff. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) / Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) – Good Manufacturing Practices / Good Hygiene Practices.
3. Non-compliance management, corrective and preventive actions. Requirements of international standards for food producers. Discrepancy management methods. Types of corrective actions.
4. Food protection and external inspections. Basic tasks and principles of functioning of the system of protection and safety of food object. Procedure for external inspections and visits
5. Situational tasks. Advantages and disadvantages of internal audit, observed inconsistencies, analysis of documentation. HACCP system efficiency. Motivation as a general function of management, staff responsibility, professional ethics and food security of the enterprise.
Congratulations to the company’s employees on improving their professional skills and passing the exams!
One step ahead! Together for success!