Salex - confectionery production


Awards History
SALEKS ABSOLUTE Co.Ltd from 1995:

  More than 150 kinds of confectionary

  Up-to-date unique technologies
  Original recipes

  Perfect price-quality relation

  Interesting design

  Variety of gustatory sense

  Constant search of new recipes

  20 000 sq.m of production area

 Saleks Absolute Co.Ltd was started on in 1995 in the town of Kremenchug in the Poltava region of Ukraine. Since that time it has been producing a variety of high quality confectionary including shortcake biscuits, fancy-pastries, sugar biscuits, puff-pastries, waffles, sweets, souffle sweets and oriental sweet stuff.
 Nowadays, the company is an up-to-date production complex which occupies more than 20.000 sq.m and consists of production and service shops, a marketing and logistics department, warehouses, transportation facilities and an office building. 
 At present, Saleks Absolute Co.Ltd is known in the confectionary market of Ukraine and former soviet republics as a successful enterprise with dynamic development.
 Over 300 highly skilled specialists are engaged in the production of more than 150 kinds of confectionary goods. 
 The automatic transfer lines conform to international standards and allow conformity to present technological parameters at different production stages. At the plant the operation practice is strictly observed. The use of modern packaging materials and packaging methods make possible the finishing of consumers properties within three months.
 To control the quality of raw materials the laboratory of the company makes outer control, checks physical and chemical properties and other characteristics. During the final production stage the samples are put to additional analysis. 
 The technology and quality of production are under permanent monitoring. The quality control system influences the efficiency of the production processes organization beginning with the choice of a raw material supplier and finishing with quality control of the production at the dispatch.
 The volume of sales is steadily increasing. The careful keeping to all technological requirements results in wonderful gustatory sense of the products. The variety of assortment allows to satisfy consumers demands. The whole and retail trade partners, consumers appreciate the perfect price-quality relations, interesting design and wide assortment. The consumers give preference to Saleks trade mark which guarantees the unique gustatory sense, high skill design and perfect style. Our specialists are working on new trends to meet the market requirements. We study the demands of goods constantly, take into account criticism and desires of our consumers and make the products which are much in demand at the market. All these steps ensure the stable sale increase by our trade partners.
 The specialists of the company search for new recipes constantly. Salex trade mark production is top quality confectionary made with the use of unique technologies, original recipes and natural ingredients. 

 The most important thing for the company is to get a high opinion of the consumers who make their choice in favour of the company day by day.